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My name is gemma lambert-Lewis,
I started in the nail industry at 15 years old, back in 2007. Whilst at school I did a 24 weeks nail course on weekends at Barnsley college. I qualified with a distinction in manicure, pedicure, silk, gel, acrylic, sculpting and basic nail art.
From there I tried mobile work, renting a table and self employed in a tanning salon.

At 19 I had my first baby, Ryan, whilst he was young I worked from home.
At 20 I became a manager at a new nail bar, that is when I first became interested in teaching. I trained with antony buckley and became an international master artist educator for ezflow nail systems.
At the young age of 21 I opened my own salon called Oscars. I also started competing in national nail competitions.
Winning my first ever competition gave me the bug to keep going, I now have over 70 nail trophy’s and titles.

In 2006 I decided to sell the salon have another baby called Ethan and concentrate on teaching nails.
I became a you tube sensation with over 74 million views with a nail company called Naio. I continued to compete becoming 12x uk champion. I also was teaching all over the uk and internationally including a 6 week tour in Canada and sharing my skills in Australia, Finland, Spain and Ireland.

In 2007 I set up my company The Nail Team, to offer teaching, products and advice. I took on other educators around the country and a team of ambassadors.

2013 I became international nail competitor of the year.
Going on to win 2 scratch awards for nail artist of the year and nail stylist of the year.
I married matheu in 2013 and then opened nail team head quarters in Doncaster.

Since then I’ve had another little boy Reed in 2015 and moved to bigger premises.
2016 I won Yorkshire choice awards Independant business of the year and I also won the top title of Scratch Stars Services to the Industry.
In 2019 I finally launched my own product brand Gems Nail Systems.

So as you can see I have been in the nail industry for many years and have experienced every part of it.
During that time I have worked very hard on my brand, skills, teachings and my social media building it up to the platform it is today.
ABOUT The Nail Team

The Nail Team's Journey

The Nail Team was born in 2007 from an idea between two nail technicians. Kirsty Lund was a competition winning tech from Milton Keynes that I had made friends with over the love for competing and teaching.
Originally The Nail Team was a Facebook group open to all techs to help and advise them about brands, products, courses, competitions and more.
We were non product bias at the time, promoting the ethos that not one brand has the best of every system.
Kirsty decided to move on with an individual nail brand, have another baby and eventually leave the industry to set up an awesome cake business called oh.my.cakery.
I decided to keep going with the group as it had grown into a large following.
I was the first to run photographic competitions open to techs worldwide, this was also covered by Scratch magazine.
I started to create my own courses in nail art and skill building. Then started to stock some of the brands and products I would recommend. Whilst researching, testing and launching some of my own products like glitters, crystals and nail art mediums.
I did go down the route of taking on other educators but during covid reverted back to just me as most things went online.
I now have over 70 glitter collections, a range of nail art stickers, tips and tools.
The Nail Team brand now runs alongside Gems Nail Systems with nail art products and accredited education.
ABOUT GEMS Nail systems

Gems Nail Systems Journey

Launched in November 2019, Gems was created to be an affordable, good looking and easy to use brand.
The gel polish bottles were designed my Gemma to look easy on the eye within the salon, the gel polish formulation is highly pigmented, smooth and durable. Gems Betty base is designed to be thin in order to fill in the nail plate and create great adhesion.
Tina top gives a tac free high gloss shine with a medium consistency, Martha matte is clear not cloudy allowing techs to use it over art and Felicity flex allowed techs to add strength into their gel manicures.
Along with 25 colours and these 4 essentials, Gems was born.
Gemma had put a lot of time and thought into testing the products years before its release. She knew she wanted a product that looked good and techs would be happy to have on show. So when the acrylic was launched Gemma chose glass pots with rose gold lids to have on your desk but plain white packaging for you refill products that get put away, that way the price stays reasonable.
By 2023 Gems had a launched a range of Gel polishes, core acrylics, coloured acrylics and glitter acrylics, core acrylgel, brushes, files, cuticle oils, tips and inks. When you join the Gems family you not only get to talk to the nail technician and the designer of the product but we have ambassadors that help too.
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